How often do people get their windows cleaned?

Most of our customers get their windows cleaned two to three times a year. We do have customers who have us clean their glass once a month, and others who have us come but once a year.


Why do I need to hire a window cleaner?

Regular professional cleaning saves your windows from becoming stained with hard water. Arizona's water is the worst culprit for staining glass. Once the damage is done, it cannot be fixed. The only option is to replace the window.


When you come to clean windows, will that include Screens, Frames, Tracks, and Sills?

Our service does include the cleaning of your frames, exposed tracks, and sills.  Hidden tracks can be cleaned as well a small additional charge. Screens are included in the service, however, on your estimate we will provide a separate breakdown for your screens in the event that you decide that they don't need to be washed.


How much does it cost?

Every home in the Phoenix area is different. To get a free estimate of our services, please provide us the details as described on the Estimates page.


Do I really need the inside of my windows cleaned?

Most of the dirt is usually on the outside, but interior windows can get very soiled, specially in the kitchen. It is always a good idea to have the inside and outside of your windows cleaned at the same time for the full perfect-looking, professional cleaning effect, but you can also alternate and have it done every other visit. One advantage of having both sides cleaned is that from then on it is very easy to maintain; all you need is a lint-free rag and polish off the fingerprinters.