Window cleaning is never anyone's favorite task. Homeowners dread window cleaning because it often means dragging out the ladder and fighting to keep their balance while trying to remove grime and leave a streak free finish. Homeowners are also going to find that window cleaning is something that takes a great deal of time, effort and expertise.

More importantly, those who are looking into what it's going to take to do window cleaning on their own are going to find that it is necessary to have the right equipment – including cleaning solutions, ladders and squeegees. We use some of the best window cleaning products and work with the best window cleaners in the Phoenix Metro area. We strive for that one of a kind shine to enhance the beauty of your home.

SparkleTime Window Cleaning, provides unsurpassed residential and commercial window cleaning. We have developed a company philosophy based on superior customer service, quality workmanship, accountability, efficiency, and safety. Our definition of QUALITY measures a degree of excellence that both includes and extends beyond the service technician themselves, reaching into internal business operations to ensure performance to our customers’ expectations. Since 2003, our many years of experience have enabled us to develop innovative and sophisticated techniques. Combine this experience with our professional staff, and we confidently guarantee you the best service available in the Phoenix metro area. Call us today (480) 225-5141 or click Request A Free Quote for a no-obligation property inspection, and customized service proposal. We have built a reputation for providing cost-effective cleaning solutions backed by our exclusive 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!